Målerås Mekaniska AB was founded by Björn Johansson in 1979. The company is located in Målerås, in the south of Sweden. We have always been specialized in manufacture, design and development of industrial equipment and machinery. Other areas that have been developed over the years are Zabra pool covers, pool houses, sunrooms and roof systems for various kind of transport. Målerås Mekaniska also produces a trolley system with profiles and attachments and a system for pallet and material handling. The systems are flexible and easy to expand with development. As well as Målerås Mekaniska we market the trade marks Zabra and Fliptop. The company is ISO quality certified.

Industrial strategy

  • High quality
  • Technical leading edge
  • Significant customer benefita
  • In-house production development
  • In-house manufacturing

Distribution strategy

  • Longterm cooperation with retailers
  • Different channels for each group of products